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  • Date of Birth: January 2020
  • Category: Branding

Kokapul operates as a food delivery service. The one that characterizes Kokapul most is the rewarding side toward customers. Not only delicious meals, but also an entertaining and fun approach. In every order a customer take, they have the possibility to win another meal for free. Kokapul is such a dynamic brand with lots of surprises for everyone and this concept of it was initiated since its genesis.

Establishing a visual identity for Kokapul was a challenging task to our squad, starting from the very first sketch of logo to innovative digital mascot. We started with the idea that from a successful brand you get what you see and when all the branding process is done right, customers can easily feel what they perceive.

Logo creation is like finding the perfect sauce combination to differ your business from others and this goes especially when your client has literally the same goal. We made sure not only to create an emotional impression on viewers, but simultaneously to unify every aspect of Kokapul through visuals. Digital Mascot is the crème de la crème of our collaboration with Kokapul and probably what made customers affectionate with the brand since their first sight.


We really loved the whole making of Kokapul!

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