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Municipal Councils

This project in collaboration with Municipal Councils aimed to benefit the people of Albania at the local level from citizen-oriented municipalities and from the improvement of waste management and preschool education system services.

After a thorough research about the services and instruments of the Municipal Councils in Albania and deep understanding of the specific objectives of the television spot, we came up with the idea. Presenting the digitalization and online presence of all Municipal Councils in Albania in an easy and understandable way by a wide audience was not an easy task.

To reach a wider audience and deepen more on specific objectives, alongside of the television spot part of the project was also the creation of a social media strategy. The strategy was implemented for all Municipal Councils part of the project.

This campaign had a wide and direct impact on national level. It helped the community better understand and digitally engage with the local level governance bodies. It was also a great promotor of secure and direct information sources such as the municipal websites.

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