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VENUS Yachting

Venus Yachting is a successful, young and ambitious yachts and sailing boats operator in the south of Albania. As a yachting operator with a serious taste for travelling, they have successfully combined their passion and their business as a full-service yachting and sailing boats rental company.


With a well-developed taste for sailing and an eye for hidden gems coupled with refined exclusivity, they excel in creating unique, tailor-made, pampered luxury yachting adventures and experiences where the only limit is literally your imagination — be it with friends, family or favored clients.



When we first engaged with the Venus Yachting’s team one of their main challenges was carving a stronger stand out place for themselves in the market and getting their message, as a brand, much more strongly projected, heard and engaged — without adding to the collective noise — so it attracted and retained the attention of more of their ideal clients, particularly online. In short, increased stand out differentiation, visibility, credibility, likability and trust underpinned by a strong brand strategy to increase sales and profits.


Once the logo was approved, we created a Full Visual Identity that fits their needs but also complements their strategy for maximized exposure.

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