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February 1, 2024

ParkStudios Tirana Albania KokeAPule
ParkStudios Tirana Albania KokeAPule
ParkStudios Tirana Albania KokeAPule


Park Studios created the branding for Kok A Pulë. The goal was to establish Kok A Pulë as a premium, sustainable choice for consumers and also make a mascot for their brand that is very unique. 

Park Studio's work for Kok A Pulë sets a new standard for fast-food branding, showcasing our ability to transform a brand's identity effectively.

Our team conducted extensive research and crafted a brand identity that combines charm with modern sophistication. The logo and mascot, featuring a stylized rooster, symbolize tradition and confidence. The earthy and fiery color palette reflects the passion and hard work that Kok A Pulë puts into each meal they prepare.

ParkStudios Tirana Albania KokeAPule
ParkStudios Tirana Albania KokeAPule

The brand's packaging is designed to be functional and environmentally friendly, featuring bold and visually appealing designs. It reflects the brand's commitment to sustainability and delivering delicious meals with minimal environmental impact.

The color palette is centered around "Paprika Red," symbolizing the bold and spicy flavors of the brand's offerings. "Golden Yellow" is used to represent the warmth and comfort associated with fast food.

The branding for Kok A Pulë Fast Food Company by Park Studios is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. It reflects the brand's core values of delivering delicious, high-quality fast food with a hint of spiciness, all in a welcoming and playful atmosphere.

ParkStudios Tirana Albania KokeAPule


The end result is a brand that appeals to consumers and establishes Kok A Pulë as a high-end option in the fine dining business.





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