Rapo’s Resort Hotel


Rapo's Resort Hotel




February 1, 2024

Rapo’s Resort Hotel
Rapo’s Resort Hotel
Rapo’s Resort Hotel


Park Studios' collaboration with Rapos Resort Hotel was a harmonious blend of creativity, precision, and strategic vision, resulting in a combination of branding, logo design, and website development.

This collaboration wanted to capture the essence of Rapos Resort Hotel, a beautiful haven hidden among breathtaking natural beauty that provides outstanding service and experiences.

Park Studios researched carefully to study the resort's target customer, market positioning, and competitive landscape. This foundation laid the platform for creating a brand identity that would identify with customers and set Rapos Resort Hotel apart in the tourism sector.

The branding approach was continuous, involving inspiration, refining, and cooperation. Park Studios created a logo that captured the essence of Rapos Resort. The logo became a visual expression of the resort's concept, welcoming guests on a journey of exploration and relaxation, thanks to a careful combination of font and color palette.

The website was also carefully designed, with the goal of providing an effortless user experience while highlighting Rapos Resort Hotel's varied offers. Park Studios used a combination of amazing images, easy navigation, and informative content to capture and inspire visitors to explore everything the resort had to offer.

Rapo’s Resort Hotel


The collaboration between Park Studios and Rapos Resort Hotel shows the value of creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking in creating remarkable brand experiences.



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